The D-Litter


Assia has born three great puppies!!!




Occassio Suãda us Arsnouphis (Yeb) X Assia von Askanien

 IK: 3,13 %  AVK: 87,1 %

Assia met Yeb, our very beautiful, caring, and cuddly male, who is already dad of some puppies. A short time ago he became grandpa for the first time! Yeb is very healthy, his show results are superb, his descent is great. He is multiple champion and won a couple of winner's titles.

We all are really enthusiastic about them: Assia and Yeb are a very harmonizing couple, as you can easily see from the pictures.

Exactly on date, 31st January 2007, Assia threw her first litter!

The litter is very harmonic: Four beautiful puppies, one male and three females with excellent colours were born!
We regret very much, that the last female didn't live.

Mam Assia showed very good instincts. She cares perfectly for her puppies, during the birth as well as afterwards. Everything went without any complications. We are very glad and grateful!

Assia and her puppies are in perfect condition! We will tell and show you all about their further development on these pages!



Der D-Wurf


 The three Puppies









Puppies grow up










1 day old: 01/12/2007










8 days old: 08/02/2007










2 weeks old: 14/02/2007










4 weeks old: 28/02/2007










6 weeks old: 14/02/2007




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