Budapest 2008

Dascania and her mum Assia at Budapest (H)

03/10/2008: Club Show of NKSz Budapest 2008 (Hungarian Club for Huge Breeds)

on the occasion of the European Dog Show 2008

Assia with Silke at NKSz Club Show Budapest 2008

Above: We are waiting for the start ... 1.5 hours late
 Lower left: Assia became "Club Champion 2008" and "Best of Breed" (BOB); Lower right: Assia in the Honorary Ring

Assia with Burkhard at NKSz Club Show Assia at NKSZ Club Show

... after her presentation in the honorary ring Assia received very  beautiful trophies for
"Club Champion 2008" and BOB

Assia is NKSz-Club Champion 2008



“FCI European Dogshow Budapest (H) 2008”

Eurodog 2008


Dascania with Burkhard at Eurodog 2008 European Winner Dascania

Upper left: Dascania on the run for the title "FCI European Winner 2008";
Upper right: Dascania with CACIB - cord (In Hungary every CACIB- winning  dog receives this cord in the national colours green - white - red plus  gold for CACIB or silver for Res.-CACIB)

The European Winners 2008 European Winners 2008

Upper left: Dascania between "Jim" (Fabius Parcae us Arsnouphis -  European Junior Winner - dogs) and Burago Vienaragis (European Winner  2008 - dogs, BOB) before the BOB competition. Missing on the picture is  Fides Parcae us Arsnouphis - European Junior Winner - bitches.
Upper right: Burago Vienaragis (European Winner 2008 - dogs, BOB),  Dascania (European Winner 2008 - bitches)

Dascania mit ihrem super Pokal für den “Europasieger 2008”

FCI European Winner 2008 Dascania

Dascania with her great trophy for
"FCI European Winner 2008"

... well, not only Assia and her daughter Dascania were on tour ...
... Mam  resp. Grandma Aika (lower right) took the chance to join and support them  as their most dedicated fan ...
... always ready for a perfect presentation  - at the age of 8 after 26 children and 26 grandchildren (until now) ...

Our little "Dicker" (Brigibaer) Aika, our "Old Lady"

... and of course joining and supporting them was our "kleiner Dicker" ("Brigibaer"); he (upper left) did a great job
to bring them good luck!
Thank you, Dicker!

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